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Qubit Systems Inc. was founded by university researchers in 1996 to meet the needs of professional scientists and teachers. We speak your language, and are always ready for free consultation concerning any aspect of your research or teaching needs. Contact us and we will be happy to help.


Stephen Hunt, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Steve completed his doctorate at the prestigious John Innes Center in the UK before moving to Queen’s University where he published extensively in the field of N2 fixation, respiration and photosynthesis. Qubit’s laboratory packages have been tested over many years in Steve’s undergraduate courses, and much of Qubit’s equipment has been featured in his research. Steve collaborates extensively with researchers across the biological sciences in areas ranging from biofuels and carbon sequestration to insect respirometry and human cardiovascular fitness.

Nick Dowling

VP-Product Development

Nick is a company co-founder, and Qubit’s chief instrument designer. Co-author of five US patents, Nick is an electronics expert with a gift for innovation, particularly in the field of gas analysis and conditioning. Nick’s unique designs have allowed researchers worldwide to conduct novel experiments in a broad range of fields. He’s always happy to discuss your needs for new and existing products.

Monika Kuzma, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Monika is a graduate of York University in Toronto where she specialised in algal physiology. Her doctoral work was conducted at Queen’s University in Kingston with a research focus on the role of oxygen in regulating nitrogen fixation in legumes. Her postdoctoral work included studies of the biochemistry and physiology of photosynthesis and respiration in transgenic plants. Prior to joining Qubit, Monika spent 12 years as the Head of Trait and Gene Assessment at a plant biotechnology company.

Jamie Thornhill

Production Manager

Jamie brings to Qubit her extensive background in customer service and business management from many years of working in retail sales. She also spent 10 years as a research assistant in the field of Health Economics where she developed excellent data management and computer skills. Jamie’s strong organizational skills, great customer service and interpersonal skills have been invaluable in her role as production manager.

Billie Kearns, B.A.Sc.

Head of R&D

Billie is a graduate of Queen’s University where she obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. Before her final year at Queen’s Billie completed a 16-month internship at Qubit as an Electronics Technologist. She returned to Qubit after graduation as the Head of Research and Development team. She is bringing the latest technological skills, fresh ideas and applies them in her project management and electronics work.

David Layzell, Ph.D., FRSC

Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor

David Layzell is co-founder of Qubit Systems and one of Canada’s leading scientists. Having won many research awards, including the prestigious Staecie Fellowship for his work in N2 fixation, David went on to found the BIOCAP Canada Foundation that supports research into the control of greenhouse gas emissions and the development of renewable bio-based products. David is currently Executive Director of the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy (ISEEE) at the University of Calgary. David uses much of Qubit’s equipment in his research laboratory.

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