C610 LabQuest Mini Data Acquisition Interface

C610 LabQuest Mini is a powerful, affordable, and easy to use sensor data acquisition interface for computer-based data collection with a PC or Macintosh computer. C610 LabQuest Mini works with C901 LoggerPro software and collects data from any of the Qubit sensors with 100 kHz sampling rate. C610 LabQuest Mini can also be used in conjunction with a digital control unit (DCU) for control of instuments or sensors (on/off).

This fast sampling, small and easy to use data interface is ideal for use with all of Qubit Sensors.  it is an integral part of our Q-Box research and teaching packages.

  • 100 kHz maximum sampling rate
  • Five sensor ports (3 Analog and 2 digital)
  • Compatible with Logger Pro Software (data collection, graphing, display and analysis)
  • Logger Lite software (included) allows collecting, graphing and simple analysis of data