March – Celebrating Canadian Women Scientists

March 8 being International Women’s Day, this month we celebrate Canadian Women in the Biological Sciences

Dr. Maydianne Andrade

Dr. Andrade is a Professor and Vice-Dean Faculty Affairs & Equity at the University of Toronto, Canada. She studies mating habits of cannibalistic spiders looking at reciprocal effects of ecological and social factors that influence reproductive tactics, life history decisions, physiological performance and sexual selection. Her research work includes laboratory and field studies of invertebrates, the primary study organisms being black widow spiders (genus Latrodectus).

Dr. Virginia Walker

Dr. Walker is a Molecular Biologist and Geneticist at Queen’s University, Canada. Her research interests concern stress genes and the molecular basis of resistance to stress. She studies the impact of nanoparticle-containing food on human gut microbiota, the consequences of climate change on Arctic organisms and the production of ice-binding proteins in environmentally-stressed overwintering plants, insects, fish and microbes.

Dr. Anna-Kate Shoveller

Dr. Shoveller is an Animal Nutrition Biologist at the University of Guelph, Canada, her research focusing on energy and amino acid metabolism in mono-gastric animals (primarily cats, dogs and pigs). She investigates how diet interacts with the animal’s environment, aiming to optimize the health and longevity of companion animals. Her research provides information for feed manufacturers, veterinarians and farmers to enhance the health and welfare of pets, livestock, sled dogs and service dogs.

Dr. Barb Vanderbeld

After working for a Plant Biotech company for a number of years, Dr. Vanderbeld now holds the position of Senior Program Associate at Queen’s University, Biology Department where she teaches a number of courses and oversees biology laboratory sections, as well as collaborates in research.

Celebrating Women at Qubit Systems Inc.

We are proud that women hold four of the seven full-time executive positions at Qubit Systems and represent 50% of the entire Qubit workforce.

Qubit Systems offers industry-leading instrumentation for biological sciences.