OX1LP Dissolved Oxygen

The OX1LP Dissolved Oxygen Packages are based on the use  polarographic dissolved oxygen electrodes and may be used to measure photosynthesis and/or respiration in the aqueous phase, using suspensions of plants, animals and organelles (chloroplasts and mitochondria). It may also be used to monitor chemical and biochemical reactions that either produce or consume O2 in the aqueous phase. The Dissolved Oxygen Package comes complete with instruments, accessories, software and interface.

The OX1LP Dissolved Oxygen Packages are available with DO electrodes of different volumes from 100ul (flow-through) to 50 ml.  The O2 electrode within the water-jacketed cuvette may be used for measurements of O2 consumption (or production) by biological samples or enzymatic reactions. Calibration is a simple 2-point process, and all the required accessories for calibration are supplied as part of the package.

The Dissolved Oxygen Package provides excellent accuracy and a resolution of 0.03% O2 (where air saturated water = 100%). Dissolved O2 values may be expressed in any desired units (mg/L; % dissolved O2; ppm etc) based on a simple calibration procedure. The water jacket allows calibrations and experiments to be carried out at the same temperature, or a simple temperature correction can be made in software for measurements made at different temperatures.

OX1LP Dissolved Oxygen packages may be provided with Q-Box rugged case for easy transport and storage

An optional S172 thermister may be provided for measurements of temperature inside the DO electrode cuvette

  • algal photosynthesis and respiration
  • bacterial respiration
  • respiration of microorganisms
  • respiration of small aquatic animals
  • aquatic insects and larvae respiration
  • mitochondrial respiration
  • chloroplast O2 production
  • cell suspension respiration
  • plant cells suspension photosynthesis

The following OX1LP packages  are available dependingf on the volume of the DO electrode required:

  • OX1LP-1 (1ml perspex)
  • OX1LP-2.5 (2.5ml glass or perspex)
  • OX1LP-4 (4ml perspex)
  • OX1LP-6 (6ml glass)
  • OX1LP-30 (30ml perspex)
  • OX1LP-50 (50ml perspex or glass)

check Dissolve Oxygen Electrodes provided by Qubit here

DO electrode with magnetic stirrer and the optional A113 LED light source

Q-Box OX1LP Software

Dr. Inna Sokolova, Assistant Professor, Biology Department, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“I have tested my new Qubit system with isolated oyster mitochondria, and was extremely pleased with the results. I can’t believe I was suffering for the whole year with my old chamber. I have tried three different systems based on Clarke-type electrodes including this one, and this is by far the most convenient for use with small sample volumes and gives a very clean, repeatable trace with the best signal to noise ratio I ever had with micro-chambers.”Testimonial