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Animal Insect Aquatic Human

Qubit Systems offers instrumentation for studies of respirometry in animals and insects with our simple one channel or multi-channel gas exchange systems equipped with our own CO2 and O2 analyzers that fit your specifications. For aquatic biology we provide systems to measure respirometry in single or multiple aquatic animals. These systems employ Dissolved O2 and CO2 measuring instrumentation. Try our Breath-by-Breath package or mixed air – Human Respiration Package in human respirometry studies. We offer research grade and teaching instrumentation. 

Plant Algae Soil

Qubit Systems offers a wide range of instruments for research and teaching in plant, algal and soil biology.  We provide systems for studies of photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration and nitrogen fixation. Measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence and light reflectance can be made with hand-held devices on individual samples, or with high throughput imaging systems on multiple samples. We provide gas analyzers for detection of CO2 and O2 exchange in the field and the laboratory. Plants and algae can be cultured and monitored in controlled chambers and photobioreactors. 

Gas Analysis and Environment

Qubit Systems manufactures a number of gas analyzers and sensors for measurements of CO2, O2, H2 and CH4 in various ranges. Measurements of CO2 and O2 in both gas phase and dissolved in liquid can be made with Qubit analyzers and sensors. These are offered as stand alone instruments or combined with gas pumps, flow monitors, gas switchers and other environmental sensors in gas measuring systems of single or multiple samples. Qubit Systems also offers gas control and gas mixing systems in both gas and aquatic environments. 

Q-Box Research Packages

Qubit’s world class laboratory packages have always had a convenient modular format that allows you to switch components (gas analyzers, pumps, flow meters etc.) depending on the type of experiment you wish to conduct (photosynthesis, insect respirometry, large animal respirometry etc.). With the Q-Box concept, the modularity is maintained, but each component is preconfigured into a rugged case that can be transported anywhere within or outside your teaching or research facility. This portable gas exchange system comes ready to go, with data acquisition interface and software plus experimental files and manuals. All you need to provide is a computer (PC or Mac). We also customize our Q-Box Packages to accommodate more than one application. Contact Qubit with with your specifications.

Q-teach Packages

Having surveyed numerous researchers and teachers in the biological sciences, and drawing upon our own experiences as published researchers and university level teachers, Qubit has created a line of Q-teach Packages specifically for teaching in the biological sciences.  These are economically priced, easy to setup, low maintenance packages that provide hands on laboratory learning experience.