Environmental Sensing

Qubit Systems provides numerous environmental sensors for monitoring of environmental parameters such as temperature, pH, salinity, soil moisture, relative humidity, dissolved O2 and CO2, plus light quality and quantity. These sensors play a crucial role as part of our Q-Box Research Packages.  We also provide gas analyzers for monitoring O2, CO2, H2, CH4 levels in the field and inside environmental chambers. Our gas control systems employ these gas analyzers in feedback control of the chamber atmosphere.

Q-S151 CO2 Analyzer 2000ppm
S157 CO2 Analyzer 2000ppm
Q-S153 CO2 Analyzer 10%
S158 CO2 Analyzer 10%
S158-P CO2 Analyzer
S108 Absolute O2 Analyzer
Qubit S108 Machine
Q-S102 O2 Analyzer
S101 Diffusion O2 Sensor
S128 Methane Analyzer 5000ppm
S128 methane analyzer
Q-S127 CH4 Analyzer 100ppm
Q-S121 H2 Analyzer
Q-S161 RH/Temp. Sensor
Q-S181 Absolute Pressure Sensor
Z850 SpectraPen
Z850 SpectraPen LM
Z830 SpectraPen Mini
Z830 SpectraPen Mini
S122 Optical DO Probe
Aquatic Respiration and Photosynthesis Optical DO Probe