Plant Phenotyping

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Qubit Systems Inc. offers various solutions for plant phenotyping or screening of plants for responses to biotic and abiotic stresses.  For high throughput solutions we offer customized PlantScreenTM Systems please visit  For screening at individual plant level Qubit Systems offers the following plant screening solutions: hand-held PAM chlorophyll fluorometers such as FluorPen and hand-held hyperspectral measuring devices such as PolyPen, NDVI Pen, N Pen and PRI pen.  For single leaf photosynthesis measurements see our Q-Box CO650 Plant CO2 Analysis Package or for multiple sample analysis add our Gas Switching System. For chlorophyll fluorescence imaging of multiple seedlings, whole plants or even trays of plants see the FluorCam systems.

Z991 FluorPen
Z951 NDVI Pen
Z955 N Pen
Z950 PRI Pen
Z970 PolyPen
Z100 FluorCam-Closed
Z200 FluorCam-Open
Z300 Handy FluorCam
Z300 Handy FluorCam
Z125 GFP FluorCam-Closed
Z450 Handy GFP-Cam