Q-G265 Flow Monitor 2 L

The Q-G265  Flow Monitor is a gas mass flow monitor ideal for measuring and tracking continuous flow rates, within the range of 0 to 2 L/min. Gas may be supplied to the unit’s stainless steel luer input port from either a pump or a pressurized source.

back of the instrument:

This Flow Monitor is an integral component of the Q-Box RP2LP High Range Respiration Package

The Q-G265 flow monitor is factory calibrated and measures the mass flow of gas in a flow through system.  Specific calibration values are provided for each unit.  The flow of gas can be controlled by adjusting it  manually with a stainless steel needle valve on the back of the instrument.

To monitor the flow of gas Q-G265 needs to be used with data acquisition interface (C610 LabQuest Mini or other) and software such as C901 Logger Pro Software, or any other data acquisition software that accepts a 0 – 5 V analog signal.

  • Easy to use mass flow monitor in 0-2LPM range
  • Record gas flow rate in software
  • Integral component of  Q-Box Packages