Q-S121 H2 Analyzer

Q-S121 H2 Gas Analyzer is a flow through analyzer for measurements of H2 gas in 0-100 ppm range. The H2 analyzer can be customized for higher range measurements. Contact Qubit Systems for details. The Q-S121 has a Tin-dioxide (SnO2) semiconductor sensing element. Its output is sensitive to background gas (N2 vs Ar) and oxygen concentration.

Factory calibration at 21% O2 for both N2 and Ar background gases is provided with the analyzer. When purchased with the C610 LabQuest Mini data interface and C901 Logger Pro software (optional) experimental setup file is provided for correction of voltage output to H2 concentration in ppm.

Q-S121 can be used to measure Nitrogenase activity as H2 evolution in uptake hydogrenase (HUP) minus symbioses of legumes. The Q-S121 H2 Gas Analyzer may also be used to monitor the hydrogen consumption of organisms that have the HUP enzyme. This H2 Analyzer is a vital part of the Q-Box NF1LP Nitrogen Fixation Package.

  • For measurements of low levels of H2 gas (0-100ppm)
  • May be customized for higher levels
  • Sensitive to background gas and O2 concentration