Q-S151 CO2 Analyzer 0-2000ppm

Q-S151 Infrared CO2 Analyzer is a non-dispersive infrared CO2 analyzer that measures CO2 in 0 to 2000 ppm range with 1 ppm resolution. Dependable technology rugged and modular for easy fit in our Q-Box Packages or for stand alone use. Q-S151 is ideal for CO2 exchange measurements with leaves, insects, small animals or organisms with a low metabolic rate. It is also excellent for measuring soil respiratory activity in situ in the field and in the lab.

This CO2 analyzer may be used in a flow-through system configuration for instantaneous and continuous measurements of CO2 production or consumption. It can also be used in a closed system mode for measurements at extremely low activity levels.

This Q-S151 CO2 analyzer may be set up for use in the injection mode where small samples of CO2 gas are injected into a carrier gas flowing past the CO2 sensor for measurements of CO2 levels in the headspace of collected samples. 

The Q-S151 is a key component of Qubit Systems’ carbon dioxide control system for regulating pCO2 in growth cabinet or rooms. Contact Qubit for more information on these systems.


CO2 Injection System for measurements of headspace gas samples

Packages that include Q-S151 CO2 Analyzer:

  • Switchable ranges of 0 – 500 ppm and 0 – 2000 ppm CO2
  • 1 ppm CO2 resolution on digital display
  • Non-dispersive infrared technology
  • Modulated infrared light source = no moving parts
  • 0 – 5 V analog output at both range settings
  • Optional battery pack for field use
  • Compact and portable
Frank Shields, Gabilan Laboratory, Keith Day Company Ltd. Salinas, CA, USA

I have tried several very cheap CO2 meters but yours is by far the best. Very quick response and reproducible. Measures respiration rate for compost incubated for just an hour. but i leave it for 24h unless it is very unstable. Other meters are so slow they do not really work the way i need.Testimonial