Q-S153 CO2 Analyzer 0-10%

Q-S153 CO2 Analyzer is a single channel non-dispersive infrared CO2 analyzer which measures CO2 in 0 to 5% and 0 to 10% range with 0.01% resolution. Q-S153 replaces our S153 CO2 Analyzer. The same dependable technology has been improved, made more rugged and modular for easy fit in our  Q-Box Packages. Q-S153 CO2 analyzer is ideal for CO2 exchange measurements in larger or more active animals and in situations where high CO2 fluxes may occur, such as fermentation processes, human respirometry. Q-S153 may be used in a flow-through gas exchange configuration for instantaneous and continuous measurements of CO2 exchange or as part of Qubit Systems’ carbon dioxide control system for regulating pCO2 in growth cabinets and rooms.

Packages that include Q-S153 CO2 Analyzer:
  • Switchable ranges of 0 – 5% and 0 – 10% CO2
  • 0.01% CO2 resolution on digital display
  • Non-dispersive infrared technology
  • Modulated infrared light source = no moving parts
  • 0 – 5 V analog output at both range settings
  • Optional battery pack for field use
  • Compact and portable
Dr. Judy Parrish, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois

“I have been very impressed with the value and quality of our Qubit Systems’ laboratories. Their simplicity of design allows students to understand the processes they are measuring better than our more elegant expensive portable photosynthesis machine.
We plan to take your CO2 system, with portable pump and battery to the tropics this spring for a field course – a trip we are not brave enough to take our $18,000 machine on!”Testimonial