Research and Teaching

Having surveyed numerous researchers and teachers in the biological sciences, and drawing upon our own experiences as published researchers and teachers, Qubit has created a line of Q-Box Packages for Teaching and Research in the biological sciences.

Qubit’s world class laboratory packages have always had a convenient modular format that allows you to switch components (gas analyzers, pumps, flow meters etc.) depending on the type of experiment you wish to conduct (photosynthesis, insect respirometry, large animal respirometry etc.).  With the Q-Box concept, the modularity is maintained, but each component is preconfigured into a tough case that can be transported anywhere within or outside your teaching or research facility.  Now your gas exchange system comes ready to go, with data acquisition  interface and software plus experimental files.  All you need to provide is either a PC or Macintosh computer.  All of Qubit Research and Teaching Packages are also compatible with any software that you may already possess. We also customize our Q-Box Packages to accomodate more than one application.  Contact Qubit with with your specifications.