S181 Absolute Pressure Sensor

The S181 Absolute Pressure Sensor is typically used as a stand alone sensor for measurements of atmospheric pressure. To collect and display the data consider our C610 LabQuest Mini data acquisition interface and C901 LoggerPro software


  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Pressure correction of Dissolved Oxygen readings in mg/ml (essential part of Q-Box AQUA Aquatic Respirometry Package)


  • State-of-the-art monolithic silicon pressure sensor
  • Response Time: 1 ms
  • Resolution: 0.024KPa
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.2KPa
  • Pressure Range: 15 – 115 kPa
  • Voltage Output: 0 – 2 V
  • Temperature Compensated
  • Analog output may be recorded by the LabQuest Mini C610 Data interface or any other  interface with 0-5V Analog input
  • warranty: 1 year