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The Q-teach Animal CO2 Package is designed for teaching the principles of respirometry in small animals like insects, lizards and amphibians placed in a flow-through chamber.  Aquatic animals such as fish may also be studied when placed in the head-space aquatic chamber.  The package includes everything required by the instructors: NDIR CO2 analyzer (0-2000ppm), gas pump/flow monitor (1LPM), two flow-through animal chambers and one aquatic head-space chamber. Temperature probe, gas bags, accessories, data interface, software and experimental files with all experiments and calculations are also included.  Operational and Laboratory  manuals are provided on a USB disk. An optional O2 analyzer (0-25%) may also be added to the package.


  • Q-teach 101 CO2 Analyzer 2000ppm with soda lime and drying columns
  • Q-teach 201 Pump/Flow Monitor 1LPM
  • S132 Temperature Probe
  • G113 Flow-through Chamber (1.6cm ID, 10cm L)
  • G115 Flow-through Chamber (3.7cm ID, 15cm L)
  • G230 Aquatic head-space chamber (8.5cm ID, 5cm H)
  • G122 Gas Bags (2 x 30L)
  • G212 Water trap for condensing ice bath
  • C610 LabQuest Mini data interface
  • C901 Logger Pro Software
  • C404 disk with operational and laboratory experiments manuals
  • Q-teach Accessories (tubing, filters, connectors, screwdriver, 2 x 3-way valve, wrench)
  • Q-teach 300 O2 Analyzer 25% OPTIONAL
Q-teach animal CO2 pacakge

Sample Experiments:

  • Measurements of metabolic rate in different animals
  • The effects of temperature on metabolic rate of ectotherms
  • The effects of temperature and substrate availability on metabolic rate of yeast
  • Further ideas for experiments with animals and yeast
Q-teach 201 Pump/Flow 1LPM
Q-teach 201 Pump/Flow Monitor 1LPM
Q-teach 101 CO2 analyzer
Q-teach 101 CO2 Analyzer 2000ppm
G220 Aquatic Head Space Chamber
G113 flow-through insect chamber
G113 flow-through insect chamber


Raw data with 4 superworms placed in a flow-through G113 chamber
Calculated VCO2 data of 4 superworms exposed to temperature changes

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