Z100 FluorCam – Closed

 The Z100 FluorCam – Closed System is a chlorophyll fluorescence imaging system designed for non-invasive studies of photosynthetic parameters in plants and algae via chlorophyll fluorescence.

The Closed FluorCam System Z100 consists of a high resolution CCD camera (720×560 pixels), 4 fixed LED panels that illuminate the sample, imaging software with protocols and 7 position filter wheel (optional) if imaging  of other proteins’ fluorescence (i.e. GFP) is required .  The LED panels provide uniform irradiance over samples up to 10 x 10 cm – suitable for small plants, detached leaves, petri plates with seedlings or algal cultrures, etc.  The system allows dark adaptation and includes a high-performance PC and a comprehensive software package

  • High resolution CCD camera based imaging system
  • 4 LED panels for standard excitation
  • Optional additional LED panel available around the CCD camera
  • User friendly software with protocols for Fv/Fm, Kautsky induction, Quenching analysis, Light Curve, steady state fluorescence (standard)
  • Optional protocols for QA re-oxidation, Fast fluorescence induction (OJIP) with 1µs resolution, PAR absorptivity and NDVI reflectance index
  • Measurements of up to 50 different chlorophyll fluorescence paramters
  • Imaging of other fluorescent proteins (GFP, YFP etc) with optional filter wheel, filters, and LED panels
  • Includes dark adaptation chamber

FluorCam 7 Software

  • Automated experimental protocols via a Windows Wizard.
  • Multiple (automatically repeated) experiments.
  • Automated labeling of individual plants, or samples, within the field of view.
  • Kinetic analysis of data from all samples within the field of view.
  • Numerous image manipulation tools.
  • Barcode reader support (Optional).
  • Export to text files, avi, bmp or raw data formats.
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, W7 compatible

Measured Parameters:

  • Fv/Fm
  • Kautsky induction
  • Quenching analysis
  • steady state fluorescence eg. ChlF, GFP and other FPs (filter wheel required)
  • QA re-oxidation (needs optional electronic module)
  • Fast fluorescence induction (OJIP) with 1µs resolution (needs optional electronic module)
  • PAR absorptivity (needs optional accessories: filter wheel and additional IR LED panel)
  • Measured parameters: FO, FM, FV, FO’, FM’, FV’, FT
  • More than 50 calculated parameters: FV/FM, FV’/FM’, PhiPSII , NPQ, qN, qP, Rfd, PAR-absorptivity coefficient, electron transport rate (ETR), and many others

LED panels available and used for excitation of most common fluorochromes

List of most common fluorochromes and types of suitable excitation LED panels