Z125 GFP FluorCam – Closed

The Z125 GFP Closed FluorCam is designed for both chlorophyll fluorescence and other fluorescent protein imaging.  The basic system of the Z100 FluorCam – Closed (CCD camera, four fixed LED panels) is supplemented here by a fully motorized and software-controlled filter wheel and appropriate filter sets for the detection and imaging of green fluorescent protein (GFP) in standard system, red-shifted GFP, or yellow fluorescent protein (YFP) (optional).  The blue emitting and red fluorescent protein can be detected and imaged in absence of chlorophyll.  The device configuration also provides user-friendly and quick transition between the GFP and chlorophyll fluorescence detection and imaging.

The Z125 GFP FluorCam – Closed System similarly to the Z100 FluorCam – Closed System consists of a high resolution and long integration time TOMI-2 CCD camera (1360×1024 pixels), 4 fixed LED panels that illuminate the sample, imaging software with protocols and 7 position filter wheel for imaging  chlorophyll and GFP.  Filters for other fluorescent proteins are optional.  The LED panels provide uniform irradiance over samples up to 10 x 10 cm – suitable for small plants, detached leaves, petri plates with seedlings or algal cultrures, etc.  The system allows dark adaptation and includes a high-performance PC and a comprehensive software package for control of the system, data aquicsition and analysis.

Measured Parameters:

  • Transient GFP Fluorescence
  • Fv/Fm
  • Quenching.
  • Kautsky induction.
  • QA reoxidation (needs optional accessories).
  • OJIP (needs optional accessories).
  • Fast fluorescence induction with 1µs resolution (needs optional accessories).

for details of chlorophyll fluorescence parameters measured by this system see Z100 FluorCam – Closed


GFP Arabidopsis seedlings on a petri dish

  • Imaging of chlorophyll fluorescence and GFP fluorescence on the same tissues.
  • Included high-resolution, long integration CCD camera: full resolution 1360 x 1024 (20 fps), operates in video or snapshot mode
  • Four light-upgraded LED panels (4 panels 470 nm OR 2 panels 447 nm + 2 panels 470 nm OR 2 panels 627 nm and 2 panels 470 nm) Additional UV, 505, 570, 605, 630, 735 nm (optional).
  • 7 position filter wheel – motorized and software-controlled (included).
  • Adjustable shelf system for different plant sizes (included).
  • Dark chamber for adaptation (included).
  • Supplied with a high-end computer and user-friendly FluorCam software (included).

FluorCam Software

GFP corn kernels (top) and WT corn kernels (bottom)

LED panels available and used for excitation of most common fluorochromes

List of most common fluorochromes and types of suitable excitation LED panels