Z130 Fytoscope

Z130 FytoScope Chamber is a small bench top, LED-based growth chamber.  It provides well defined conditions for growing plants. The illumination can be controlled in its intensity, spectral composition and temporal modulation.

Temperature control is standard and as an option atmospheric gas composition and relative humidity can also be modulated.  The Z130 Fytoscope has primarily been designed for cultivation and monitoring of higher plants.  Alternatively, it can be used for phototrophic cultivation of other organisms like algae and cyanobacteria (also see Z140 AlgaeTron)

  • LED illumination with full control
  • Temperature control
  • Minimal footprint
  • RH control (optional)
  • Gas composition control (optional)

Illumination available in two standard versions Z30-WIR with white and IR LEDs and Z130-RGBIR with red, blue, green and IR LEDs.

max intensity:

  • cold white – 1500umol photon/m2/s
  • warm white – 500 umol photon/m2/s
  • optional upgrate to 2000 (cold White) and 1000 (warm white) umol photon/m2/s
  • RGB – 1500 umol/m2/s (500 each color)
  • optional RGB upgrade to 2000 umol/m2/s (700 each color)