Z140 AlgaeTron

Z140 AlgaeTron is a floor standing incubator with a shaker that provides well-defined culture conditions for growing algae and cyanobacteria in Petri dishes or Erlenmeyer flasks. Equipped with a large, easy-to-read display screen, it clearly shows control settings for light intensity and temperature and measured values. Intuitive programming allows multiple parameter changes to light intensity, light characteristics, temperature, and shaking power. The standard Algaetron chamber (Z140) accommodates up to 14 x 50 ml flasks. Large version of the Algaetron Z140-3 has three illuminated shelves and can accommodate 3 shakers with total of 42 x 50ml flasks.

  • Independently Programmable LED-Lighting (cold white with IR LEDs or warm white)
  • Temperature Control 10 to 45 °C (lights off), 15-45°C (max lights on)
  • One orbital shaker included for agitation of cultures.
  • Additional shakers available for Z140-3 (optional)
  • Customized light colour, i.e. red-green-blue or red-blue, or other.
  • Optional gas mixing system available for gas control

Z140 inside view