Z300 Handy FluorCam

The Z300 Handy FluorCam is designed for kinetically resolved chlorophyll fluorescence imaging of leaves, small plants, stems, seeds, roots, tissues on plates both in a field and laboratory. The imaging area is up to 3.5 x 3.5 cm.  The essential features of the Z300 Handy FluorCam are similar to the Z100 FluorCam Closed.

The Z300 Handy FluorCam is a portable system and can be used in the field.  Optional accessories include  sealed lead acid batteries in a convenient bag carried on the shoulder, ultra light tripod and a leaf clip.

leaf Clip for Z300

Z300 Handy FluorCam generates images of fluorescence signal and presents them using a false color scale. Full kinetic analysis is available.

In all applications, the camera allows imaging of fluorescence transients that are induced by actinic light or by saturating flashes. The timing and amplitude of actinic irradiance are determined by user-defined protocols. The FluorCam software package (included along with a PC computer) provides a Wizard with the most frequently used experimental protocols. For an experienced professional, the software offers a sophisticated programming language that can be used for designing novel timing and measuring sequences.

Images of more than 50 measured or calculated parameters from a single experiment

FluorCam software window

Measured Parameters:

  • Quenching.
  • Kautsky induction.
  • QA reoxidation (needs optional accessories).
  • Measured parameters: Fo, FM, FV, Fo’, FM’, FV’, QY(II).
  • More than 50 calculated parameters: NPQ, FV/FM, FV’/FM’, Rfd, qN, qP, PAR-absorptivity, electron transport rate (ETR), and many others.

Software Features:

  • Automated experimental protocols via a Windows Wizard.
  • Multiple (automatically repeated) experiments.
  • Automated labeling of individual plants, or samples, within the field of view.
  • Kinetic analysis of data from all samples within the field of view.
  • Numerous image manipulation tools.
  • Barcode reader support (optional)
  • Export to Excel.
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista compatible

  • Screening for photosynthetic performance via chlorophyll fluorescence.
  • Investigations of heterogeneity within a single leaf, e.g., for infection, necrotic changes, senescence, abiotic stress.
  • Biotic and abiotic stress resistance in plants
  • Plant pathogen research
  • Stomatal patchiness studies
  • Growth and Yield Improvements in Plants

Z300 Handy FluorCam set up in the lab

View of the camera and LED panels