Z850 SpectraPen

SpectraPen Z850 is a handheld spectrometer with a touch screen display, powered by Li-ion re-chargeable battery and does not require PC to operate.  Light spectrum of any light source is instantly displayed as spectral traces on the SpectraPen touch screen display.  Optional  fiber optic cable is also available for the standard model.  The Z850-LM model contains a light meter (a cosine corrector) so light spectrum measurements are combined with light intensity measurements (PAR).

The SpectraPen is available in one of the two versions: Z850 standard or Z850-LM.  These two versions are available in either UV/VISmeasures in 340 to 780 nm range OR  NIRmeasures in 640 to 1050 nm range.  The Z850-LM version is also available with the cosine corrector positioned in the horizontal (H) – facing up orientation or Vertical (V) facing forward orientation. Both Z850 and Z850-LM come with integrated GPS module.

Z850-LM-H SpectraPen with Light Meter in horizontal position

Z850-LM-V SpectraPen with Light Meter in vertical postion

  • Handheld and lightweight
  • Precise Radiometric Calibration (Z850-LM)
  • Light Parameter Calculations
  • Integrated GPS module
  • Wide spectral response range: UV/Vis: 340 – 780 nm or NIR: 640 – 1050 nm
  • No PC needed for operation
  • Intuitive touch-screen use
  • Flexibility in measurement setups
  • Battery-powered
  • Optional Tripod Mount
  • USB connectivity for charging and data downloading
  • Integrated GPS module

Firmware and Software

  • Different operation modes: scope, absorbance, transmittance
  • Different tools: zoom, marker, auto scale, curve smoothing
  • Automated setting of the integration time
  • Data browsing
  • Data averaging

PC conectivity for data download

  • Data downloading via USB connection
  • Data analysis
  • User defined calculations
  • Export to Excel
  • Free firmware update


Measured and Calculated Parameters by Z850-LM:

  • Irradiance spectrum [µW/cm2/nm]
  • Photon flux density spectrum [µmol/m2/s/nm]
  • Irradiance [W/m2] in user defined range
  • Photon flux density [µmol/m2/s/nm] in user defined range
  • Illuminance [lux] ^
  • PAR [µmol/m2/s] ^
  • Chromacity diagram CIE1931 ^
  • CIE color coordinates ^
  • Correlated color temperature ^
  • Color rendering index ^
  • User defined formulas in PC software

^ Parameters can only be measured in UV/VIS version