Z970 PolyPen

Z970 PolyPen is designed for measurement of spectral reflectance of an internal light source (Xenon incandescent lamp 380 – 1050 nm) from leaves.  Spectral reflectance measurements at specific wavelengths are used to calculate reflectance indices such as NDVI, NDGI, PRI, Greenness Index, etc by the software of the PolyPen. Measured data are instantly displayed in graphs or data sheets on the device screen display. They are also stored in the device memory for later re-collection or transfer onto a PC.

PolyPen is a self-contained device that runs on Li-Ion rechargeable battery and does not require any external PC. It features an innovative user interface with integral computer, full color touch screen display, built-in light source, and a sample holder – non-destructive leaf clip and built in GPS module. Collected data may be transferred to a PC computer via USB or Bluetooth connection. The device is delivered with a Spectralon standard (spectrally flat over UV-VIS-NIR spectrum and optically flat to +/- 1 % over the photopic region of the spectrum) for quick and simple calibration of the detector and full software package. Two versions of the Z970 PolyPen are available:

Z970-UV/Vis with Spectral response range: 380 to 780 nm

Z970-NIR with Spectral response range: 640 to 1050 nm

  • Photosynthesis Research
  • Plant Screening
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Greenhouse and Field Studies
  • Biotic and Abiotic Stress Research
  • Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Plant phenotyping/screening
  • Nitrogen content, water status, pigment compostion studies


  • Automatic calculation of all commonly used reflectance indices
  • Calculation of custom indices optional
  • Instant data graphs and data sheets
  • Export to a PC via USB or BT communication
  • GPS mapping module
  • Future firmware updates